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Pulling digits from an alphanumeric string

GOAL: To pull digits from alphanumeric strings. If length and position of numeric data is fixed we can extract digits using built in functions of Excel e.g. LEFT, RIGHT and MID. Our goal is to develop a formula/ function by which we can pull digits from alphanumeric...

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Number format in Indian Style

Number format used in India is different from the international style. It’s same up to “Ten thousand” but after that it’s totally different. Have a quick view here below:   To know more about Indian number system please visit:...

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Excel Precision and Rounding errors

Excel maintains 15 digits of internal precision; however, we may choose any format of our choice to display the number in the worksheet. Suppose, all the cells in my worksheet are formatted with “comma style”; i.e., it will display only two digits after decimal. Now,...

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Magical Mirror – An Excel Game

Let’s have some fun with excel. In today’s post I am presenting a game on excel viz. “Magical Mirror”. In fact, it’s a mind reader game; the mirror will show what you are thinking. In worksheet itself I have explained the playing rules. So, what you are waiting for?...

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R1C1 reference style in Excel

Suppose, one day you have started excel as usual but your excel sheet column headers are appearing as 1, 2, 3 instead of A, B, C. Also when you select any cell, in name box excel displaying cell address as R1C1 instead of A1, where R stands for row and C stands for...

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Anything and Everything in Excel!

Are you scared stiff of any topic in excel?

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