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Suppose, one day you have started excel as usual but your excel sheet column headers are appearing as 1, 2, 3 instead of A, B, C. Also when you select any cell, in name box excel displaying cell address as R1C1 instead of A1, where R stands for row and C stands for column. Oh what should I do? You must start thinking something like this.

Don’t panic, excel is working perfectly alright. The change is arising because someone has checked R1C1 reference style in excel options in your PC. Just uncheck it and excel will start working as you are habitual with. To uncheck please go to Office Excel options Formula Working with formulas.

In fact, excel was introduced with R1C1 style only, later on they added A1 style which is more popular now. However, in VBA codes this reference style is very useful.

In R1C1 reference style, we have to use braces for relative reference, if we don’t use them, excel will treat it as absolute reference as shown below:

R1C1 Reference Style

R1C1 Reference Style

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By Rajesh K Saraogi

Rajesh is a hardcore finance person with a penchant for latest technology. His passions is to improve the productivity with simple, yet powerful software – mainly on Microsoft Excel platform. He is a qualified MCA. Whenever he gets time he loves to blog, to share the knowledge, which is the only thing which increases after sharing!

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